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We will recycle all types of electronic systems, components, and parts, including:



Computer Equipment: CPUs, Towers, Laptops, Mainframe Computers, Hard Drives, Peripherals, Servers, Routers, Keyboards, Mice, Modems, Monitors (2005 and up) and Power Supplies.

Industrial Equipment: Electronic Controllers, Robotic Assemblies, Motors, Test Equipment, Transformers, Switches, Transmitters, Meters, and Power Supplies

Medical Equipment: Ultrasounds, Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, X-Ray Equipment, Blood Pressure Equipment, Endoscopy Equipment and Dialysis Equipment.

Security Electronics Devices: Cameras, DVR, Tape Recorders, CCTV Monitors (2005 and Up), Alarm Panels, Alarm Sensors and Controller panels

Pick up is free for more than 25 listed items

*all items must be in same location. fee applied if items are in more than one location*