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Our Company collects and disassembles all types of electronics so that we may recycle them. We generally drop off Gaylord Boxes (large boxes) with a pallet at the Client locations with a list of electronics we can collect. You and your clients can dump any electronics into the box and when the container is full we will then pick them up.

We do NOT charge a drop-off or pick-up fee.

We are no longer accepting CRT monitors and TV’s (or other cathode ray tube devices)
because these electronics are disposed of and not recycled.

We collect a large variety of electronics, pretty much anything you can plug into the wall we will take. Lastly we do NOT require you to sign a contract. If you are pleased with our services we will continue to collect and recycle your items. If you are interested in our business and would like to hear more about us.

You can reach me at your convenience, Martin Castro, at my cell phone number 414-378-6717.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you,


Thank you,

Martin Castro